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XerkngRothys brand

Xerkng Rothys brand has been established as Xerkng since 2013 in Dongguan Meiqi Shoes Co., Ltd. and obtained the trademark certificate in 2016. And then trial production at Dongguan fair Shoes Co., Ltd., in May 2016, produced the qualified finished shoes. In June 2016, the San Francisco Rothys brand shoes were also tested. So the first pair of qualified finished shoes of Rothys brand in America was born under the full investment and leadership of Zeng Yao in the shoe industry of Meiqi. In June 8, 2016, XerkngRothys brand shoes were born and registered trademark certificate: Lucky Kang Nuosi. Subsequently in July 2016 in China and the United States began to sell so far by the majority of consumers like, and won a number of national patents.

XerkngRothys An idea and an attitude!

Dedicate to the future - in the increasingly fierce competition today, we always believe that quality is the cornerstone of survival!

Details determine success or failure, and win-win is the way to long-term development.

We are not only producing and selling a pair of shoes, but also a service, a concept and an attitude.

No more gorgeous language, please believe that in the future we will continue to explore and innovate, and strive to do better!

We pay attention not only to product sales, but also to product quality and after-sales service, which has been the peers'concern.

Imitate our style, but we are not afraid of being imitated, regardless of price, quality, after-sales and so on have our own characteristics.

These are never imitated.!

XerkngRothysFounder of Lucky Brand

From North Sichuan to Guangzhou, there is a dream that has a future.

Unity, integrity, innovation, perseverance and good performance are far away.

The craftsmen's craftsmanship focuses on the rapid development of fashion shoes and accessories.

Production and sales provide people with a healthy, comfortable and fashionable consumption experience.


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