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About Mei Qi

Dongguan Meiqi Shoes Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales in one, with a complete and scientific quality management system of a new company, while we are also the source of production and marketing factory, with 28 years of shoemaking experience! It is located in Dongguan, where enterprises are concentrated. Influenced by the strong commercial atmosphere and spurred by the strong sense of competition, it has clearly defined the management concept of taking the market as the guide, taking the benefit as the center, taking the independent development and creative design as the focal point, and taking the humanized management as the foundation. It calls on the staff of all posts to work hard to make it in the East. Many women's shoes in Dongguan stand out. The integrity, strength and product quality of Dongguan fair Shoes Co., Ltd. are recognized by the industry.


Environmental protection concept

XerkngRothys Brand flat shoes are transformed into fashionable women's shoes with waste plastic bottles. We clean the recycled plastic bottles, break them into small pieces, press them into soft, thin threads, weave them into various patterns and colors of vamps, and then combine rubber soles and insoles by hand.

Because the upper is woven with 3D technology computer software, so there is no waste of yarn, medicine-saving labor costs, are also zero pollution recycling materials, really achieve environmental protection and make the best use of things. Because the upper is one-off braided without seams in the middle of the heel, so it will not grind feet and light. Breathable, dirty clothes thrown into the washing machine will not be out of shape, will not change color. Comfortable shoes on foot are said to be earth-friendly and beautiful shoes in the world.



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