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Remember the ten points, so when they should!

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Harvard Business School, known as the culture of merchants, and general manager of the factory boss". The highest positions in the largest companies in the United States 500 manager, 1/5 graduated from the college.

Harvard believed that a successful general manager should be a versatile person, should have at least three kinds of skills, technical skills, personal skills and conceptual skills, these three skills is an effective method to correctly view and handle the management process.
Harvard Business School Survey of 500 general managers found that they have the same height, personality characteristics and their management methods, even the time of day arrangements are basically the same pattern.

First, conservation
In order to cope with the unpredictable times, the general manager must have the "occupation technology of 25%, 25% of the imagination, the rest of the 50%, is itself the conservation." The leader of the conservation is more important to respect, sympathy, understanding, and their knowledge, action and reflection.

Two, insight
Have a strong ability to find new things and find existing things development direction to the general manager, or you and the company are very difficult to have a big development. As Ren Zhengfei said, "look up at the stars to senior cadres, see the world, otherwise easily lose their way, the wrong direction might bring down the whole company."

Three, creativity
A successful general manager, must be full of curiosity, which determines the size of the creativity. Jumping from the creativity of creative and open mind, the sensitivity of the issue, thinking and has the memory pieces interconnected system thinking ability.And the source of innovation is the opportunity and curiosity.

Four, at the target
The general manager of the task is to consider the various aspects of interests, led enterprises to successfully compete in the market. A good general manager must keep an eye on the company's business strategy and business objectives. The goal should be the general manager. The general manager of a lot of management failure is due to the failure of target management.
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Five, grasp the plan
Planning is the key to success in business. A qualified general manager must do a good job of a plan, three plan". A planning refers to the long-term development plan of the company. The three plan refers to enterprises annual business plan, index of business growth plan and market development plan.

Six, understand financial
The general manager of the Harvard Business School training goals are generalists rather than specialists. So, the general manager must have the financial knowledge. HUAWEI Ren Zhengfei said: "the leaders must understand finance, concrete operational organization, efficient, timely and prudent to seize the opportunity, realize the healthy operation of the target"

Seven, communication
Harvard survey shows that the majority of the general manager for most of the time in talking with others, even more than their working hours 90%. Jack Welch said: "every day I was to penetrate the heart of staff, let them feel my existence, even travel in faraway places, I can communicate with my employees to spend several hours a day".

Eight, good guide
General managers and staff communication, never to "command" or "instructions", not "tell" others what to do. They ask questions, said, using the key to persuade the other party to talk over petty, and even to intimidate each other to influence the object in a conversation.

Nine, time
A competent general manager, must be reasonable planning and control of their own time, otherwise easy to cause the predicament, too busy to attend to all care for this and lose that. Just as Drucker said: "time is the most scarce resource, if the time is good, want to manage other things is empty".

Ten, balance. A Harvard Business School professor said, leadership is definitely not a compromise and issue orders left and right, but the balance of art. As a general manager, to adhere to the bottom line, but also learn to compromise and balance. Not to give up the principle of compromise, but to ensure that objectives are achieved through appropriate exchange.

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