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Another Sichuan footwear footwear town is gradually rising!

Release time:2019-01-21 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

Recently, the construction of Lezhi Sichuan County, Ziyang city in the international shoe town. Four groups in the town a shoe group, 18 workshop rental empty, 4 buildings built, are scheduled to transfer to Chengdu shoe enterprises in Lezhi. Beside, Yang Jin International Footwear Group, trade shoes group are under construction.

Several small old mill Park, is gradually transformed into a "French romantic" international shoe industry feature of the town, there will be the future of comprehensive park of shoe production, shoe culture exhibition, ecological sightseeing. At present, the park has the layout of shoe enterprises 267, including East, greenfield and other famous enterprises.

A shoe industrial park as the first settled in the county of Lezhi Shoes Industrial Park, has introduced 75 shoe enterprises settled.Industrial Park, deputy general manager of Pan sharp, clearly remember the early 2013 to Lezhi left deep impression.

"As an Chongqing high-speed construction is good, Lezhi also has gold in Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone great advantage segmentation point, is a piece of investment." Pan Jian introduction, Lezhi county government to undertake the transfer of the footwear enterprises attach great importance to many preferential policies to make them more comfortable. Finally, the enterprises in Lezhi shoes industrial park.

Then it is settled in the park, shoes enterprises gradually transfer, can be transferred from the enterprise good times don't last long, two of them, and moved from Lezhi to Chengdu. The traffic inconvenience, transportation costs and old workers labor cost is a bottleneck, some enterprises can not afford." Pan Jian introduction. Chengdu as "excellent" to speed up the process, into an Chongqing high speed line opened, Lezhi ushered in a major opportunity for Chengdu to undertake shoescapitalquot transfer.

1 months to 2018 years, Lezhi county government in the construction units, such as footwear association signed a cooperation agreement. The signing ceremony, the chair of a French construction firm chief planner, for "Cinderella's slipper" tells the story of French romantic, introduced the future of Lezhi international footwear town features for guests.

Into the factory, living area, leisure area international characteristic town, will build footwear production area, shoe culture exhibition format area, ecological tourist zone, the target for the layout of shoe-making enterprises nearly 1000, achieve an annual output value of 200 billion yuan, the new county population of 10 million.

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"Lezhi footwear industry introduced to support the development of policies and measures, many aspects of relief, water and electricity costs in the lease financing, preferential loans, provide preferential policies for enterprises." Lezhi County textile shoes industry promotion office responsible person, at present, Lezhi is to make good use of the opportunity to transfer to Chengdu, the coastal areas of footwear enterprises.

It is reported that, as of now, Lezhi international footwear industry town features a successful agreement introduction, greenfield and other 267 Dadong shoe enterprises, to complete the registration of more than 200 households, more than 100 shoe enterprises settled intention of households, 31 households have been in production. This year 1 - October. The regulation of the TCF output value of 4 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 11%, the regulation of industrial enterprises accounted for the total output value of 27.5%.

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