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High heeled shoes, white shoes, the shoes, so collocation to have the feeling?

Release time:2019-01-15 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

The dress is both elegant and delicate beauty, is the charm of the play. After all, spring is so beautiful, with a dress for the points, it is a romantic thing. But the dress so much, how collocation shoes do you really know?

Different fabric dress, or a combination of printing or solid color decorate, naturally bring different feeling. Too sexy dress is feminine shoes need to take. And if the partial leisure shoes, but also to choose the same youth and lively, with a look.

1, nude lace skirt + high-heeled shoes

 Fly fly line fabric high-heeled shoes, knitted shoes, XerkngRothys

Lace skirt soft, bright and romantic by surprise. Natural drooping hem, bring the beauty of vision contraction. Then you should choose high heels to lengthen the leg line, two is out of the ordinary lining. And the definition of sexy lace, make the light ripe wind slowly close, with high heels nude to press, more elegant.

Long lace dress
The weather is getting warm you are beautiful little of course not wearing beautiful skirt, the girls love is sweet lace fabric. The black fabric vaguely show your sexy, shoulder design pattern of the hollow bra let your feminine.

The small fragrant ladies dress
When the girls wear skirts must show different temperament, the aristocratic style dress, pure white fabric is the beauty of their skin more white and shiny. Wide skirt with lace fabric let you show the elegant charm of women in behavior between.

Long thin embroidery lace skirt
The common styles of dress more will be the whole of your bland, this dress design waist in the waist, off your slim waistline.Embroidery pattern in dress skirts and skirts, increased and the sense of hierarchy is more on the level of dress.

A long pointed high-heeled shoes buckle
When the girls high heels when wearing a skirt collocation of must be carefully selected, the high-heeled shoes style is simple, pointed toe foot will look cute, in ankle buckle word with pearl as the ornament, dress will be fluttering fairies.

The pure shallow mouth of high-heeled shoes
These shoes are made of high quality leather uppers, pure no frills will have a unique and elegant temperament, the design of shallow mouth so you don't have to worry about the problem of foot girls do not wear, a strip of metal can make shoes style sublimation, girls quickly into the hands.

2, who dress + white shoes

 Fly fly line fabric high-heeled shoes, knitted shoes, XerkngRothys

Who dress relatively simple, some more some neat. The version slightly straight, let in a temptation abstinence and capture the heart between the eyes. White shoe freshness with straight poke in the soft heart, clean and relaxed sense of nature is not bad, bring strong balance of beauty.

The relaxed leisure pullovers
Many girls love wearing a sweater, when you are in the street when you can choose loose style pullovers, casual style make you relaxed when shopping with. A long paragraph sweater let you wear a skirt feeling, a pair of white shoes collocation let you become the campus goddess.

The simple wear white shoes
White shoes are the most popular shoes, whether it is out of date or street sports wear it always right. The sole time wear non slip to protect your personal safety, simple style in the vamp with a little bright colors have the effect of icing on the cake.

The white leather breathable shoes
Made of high quality leather leather white shoes will make your feet feel comfortable, with stars as the ornament in the shoes, shoe toe foot garden will decorate your small, breathable shoes moment will make you feel relaxed shopping hours.

3, the suspender skirt + shoes

 Fly fly line fabric high-heeled shoes, knitted shoes, XerkngRothys

To become the representative of youth, may only need to harness this step. When the straps and dress elegant, with little leisure, with the British shoe temperament, the long legs stretched a lot. After all, this style is so personalized, because enough vitality suspender skirt, let England shoes easily also reflect the playful.

The Korean version of slim denim skirt
Of course, as the campus goddess suspenders skirt ah, slim waist style has effect on the waist, will you figure off a more perfect design, reduce the hole irregular denim fabric heavy feeling, let you become the hearts of many boys dream lover.

The vintage British high heels
Woman who can see thick high-heeled shoes in the high-heeled shoes, not only make your legs appear more slender when walking can make you more secure. Vintage style shoes, dress comes with noble thing, such high heels is good with your skirt.

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