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No winter clothes collocation? Xiaobian teach you how to elaborate outfit

Release time:2019-01-09 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

Listen to colleagues say every collocation clothes can be difficult, how collocation feel ugly, said it would be very cold and thin collocation, even the doors are not figured out; if the collocation is too many, go out is very bloated, so every outfit is the most difficult, but after I tell them the trick, is also shared the 24 sets of outfit exquisite and warm after every day to wear beautiful Da, more beautiful than I wear.

First, we use a single product to the collocation necessary winter clothes, I wear a wool coat is in the winter day ride, and the pure wool coat better collocation clothes, for example by wearing the most simple, grey wool coat collocation turtleneck sweater and jeans or pants, is also quite good. Take ages to wear this, regardless of size, is all-match.

It is also an indispensable jeans all the year round a single product, then we can add the winter wear a Velvet Pants feet, color or black is better, because the black thin, and show long legs, down jacket collocation simple and advanced, and quite warm, temperament instantly raised a notch, if collocation a pair of black boots more tall oh

There is usually a year we most love the dress, especially printed skirt in the summer, we often wear floral dress, fresh and full, in the winter lamb fur coat collocation Leggings is also very warm Oh ~ 80 little sister can wear this instant counter attack into the young girl at the age of 18, again a pair of black British collocation small leather shoes, fashion and atmosphere.

Next is a wear wool dress, hair dress is also quite all-match single product, either with jacket or coat collocation, collocation is very stylish, but I think the choice of body hair dress design more prominent figure, especially a belt shape collocation the proportion will be very perfect oh

Wide leg pants is needless to say, the little girls wear short coat collocation Nekuo hair waist leg pants, warm and significant tall; plump girls wearing baggy pants will cover the leg meat, highlight the slim. So the winter will not wear a set of 24 get, this is enough, so the winter wear is also very beautiful, save your dressing difficulties!

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