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This winter the most popular white knee down jacket, fashionable girls have to wear

Release time:2019-01-03 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

As the temperature decreased gradually, so the winter be far behind? Winter will wear down jacket, you have been prepared? If not, you have to bear a small series of steps, don't get lost in this small Oh, and share with you the following winter this year the most popular white knee down jacket, fashionable girls have to wear, love girls, the winter temperature and manners and let you. Good, well! Continue to look down.

[01] down as our winter appearance of the highest rates of a single product, how can you missing? White knee down jacket is this winter should be some color, pure, simple and elegant, but also very advanced, this version of the type of straight tube, the upper part of the body can immediately hide for your body fat, thin properly, version type knee, feeling walk with the wind, full of energy, and fly the sleeves are doing design black zipper, let down jacket looks a lot of things, out of fashion sense, winter weather, casual wear are temperature and make you very good manners coexist, fashionable girls have to wear, its position in the fashion industry, as can be imagined.

[02] the micro slim version of white knee down jacket, or safe, can also wear a good figure, convex figure, pose the natural effect of different to say, overknee version of the design. It can better shield the waist and the whole meat, hidden faults, extending downward along the width of the whole shoulder. Due to thin feeling for the vision of people, in a simple sweater and tight pants, the overall shape is more fashionable thin foot, a pair of white sports shoes, will make you more sense of leisure and other advanced sense.

[03] this winter the most popular white knee down jacket, fashionable girls have to wear, you wear it? If not, try this, is a relatively simple version, pure color, always give a person a kind of simple and gentle feeling, sweet, beautiful, especially standing in the snow and snow, as if together, more beautiful, cocoon type jacket, the effect is really very thin well, any body can handle a version of a knee, let your legs flesh well shadow hide, and down the material, plus a big wool hat, both temperature and eiegant, winter is simply a perfect match, my personality is very love sleeve design, elastic effect, create a trumpet sleeve type, knock the lovely, if you build a little meat, you can zip up, then with a pair of high-heeled boots, too beautiful, too beautiful.

[04] simple white knee down jacket, contains 80% filled white goose down, very thick collar is warm, with hats effect, if the position of the hat button, a build surplus effect will be more warm, well modified face, removable hat style, more free design, the length is relatively long, basic to the ankle position, so the body very nifty Oh, because it is the version of thin, wear is not bloated, casual wear this winter makes you elegant at the same time, a good defense against cold, and very trendy texture.

This winter the most popular white knee down jacket, fashionable girls have to wear!

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