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Song Yan Fei really fashionable boots, Martin take the "gourd pants", looks very cool

Release time:2019-01-03 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

Many people of song Yan Fei is not very familiar with, but to see "the first grade university season" people should know her, she also gains a lot of attention with the show success. But before many netizens also released Song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan melon, but after the two sides did not express their views, will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Song Yanfei is still very talented, looks very beautiful, wearing a full tidal range!

Song Yan Fei usually styling was very brisk, the appearance of the airport did not disappoint the fans, the same dress very beautiful, wearing a black leather, texture and details of the design are very good, cultivating one's moral character, a youth show relaxed collocation, hairline enviable, elegant makeup let her features a more elegant and beautiful!

Song Yanfei is not only the hair and makeup is very suitable for her, the outfit also spent a careful thinking, people are usually a lot of love with Martin boots collocation leggings, or tight jeans, almost do not have what idea, but this is a Song Yan Fei collocation gourd pants ", a particularly strong sense of fashion. Song Yan Fei really fashionable boots, Martin take the "gourd pants", looks very cool!

Don't take Martin boots leggings, learn a song Yan Fei "gourd pants", you can see her this pair of sweatpants, chic style trousers, fluffy, plus another green, shaped like a gourd, Martin wearing boots collocation, not only fashion personality, but also significantly thinner significantly higher two do not mistake! Not only can cover the legs, is also very smart, every minute to create big legs!

Next let's enjoy the song Yan Fei's other outfit, Song Yanfei wears a white shirt, black trousers loose collocation, classic black and white color combination, simple atmosphere, loose version of a few casual atmosphere, micro volume long hair, light ripe and beautiful!

Song Yan Fei for double braid is more sweet, sweet moment of continued to rise, coupled with micro volume air bangs saucy and aura, wearing a dark brown striped shirt, wide version is a bit like a boyfriend, comfortable and stylish, full range of leisure!

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