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What a good chance to join Mickey | project are people who are prepared

Release time:2018-12-25 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Meiqi Shoes Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production and sales, the new company has a complete and scientific quality management system, at the same time, we are also a homegrown source factory, has 28 years of experience in footwear! It is located in the Dongguan in intensive enterprises, strong commercial atmosphere of the infection, drive in highly competitive, it is clear to the market as the guide, to benefit as the center, to develop creative design as the key to human based management philosophy, calling on all the gang employees work hard to make the numerous brand shoes in talent shows itself in Dongguan.

Dongguan Meiqi Shoes Co., integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry.
From the beginning of 2013 in the start-up China Dongguan Meiqi Shoes Co. Ltd., Xerkng, obtained the trademark certificate in 2016.

And then in Dongguan Meiqi Shoes Co., 2016 years 5 months of trial production, production of qualified finished shoes.
In 6 months 2016 years on 8 XerkngRothys brand shoes was born, and the registered trademark certificate: xierkang northrop.
7 months later the beginning of the 2016 year sales has got love consumers in Chinese and America, and won the national patents.

A variety of styles (part)

Good projects, good business, ready to be successful.

Mickey shoes Is a collection research and development, production and sales, has a complete and scientific quality management system of the new company , At the same time, we also have a homegrown source factory. Twenty-eight Years of experience in footwear! subsequently Two thousand and sixteen year Seven Month sales has got love consumers in China and America, and won the national patents. There's a XerkngRothys brand

Our main Shoes, fly needle Crochet shoes , High with shoes , Flat shoes , fly Cloth shoes , Fly high heels fabric Flying shoes, woven, knitted shoes, fashion shoes, fashion shoes

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