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Liyan Tong wore this padded fire step it! Silver with green senior atmosphere, stylish and warm

Release time:2018-12-25 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

Liyan Tong padded to the fire, with a silver blue senior atmosphere, stylish and warm. Now the weather is very cold, the winter began life, of course, the existence of cotton. After all, the weather now, or to warm the cold, if not good. There are a lot of people have come to wear a cotton padded jacket, of course, there are also some people, is also not want to grace the temperature.

Recently, Liyan Tong appeared at the airport, with a fresh and beautiful appearance. But her body inside, the most attractive or she's wearing this one cotton, color with green color, full of sense out of. This piece of cotton Liyan Tong wears is not pick the color, no matter what kind of skin you can easily navigate. Silver can be very good to bring out the skin luster, have very good effect by age of green, is out of youthful vitality. The green and silver collocation are together, it is very atmospheric, and very warm.

Have a mother of Liyan Tong, was still very good, skin care is also very good. For Liyan Tong, there are many other can easily control, because she has a perfect figure. For example, Liyan Tong is wearing a cotton padded jacket this is loose clothes, bread, but wear on her body, but does not seem bloated. In her body, in addition to a lady feeling, there is a sweet taste. Because of frequent maintenance, in the face of Liyan Tong still no traces of the years, looks full of collagen.

Liyan Tong in the lower body collocation is a black jeans, black slimming effect is very good, will become more and more thin skinny Liyan Tong. A pair of long and thin long legs, very charming, give a person one meter eight that visual sense. Loose cotton, collocation a simple white shirt, black and white collocation is very atmospheric. Take a simple, give a person a kind of sense, elegant temperament. Have to say that Liyan Tong's body is really too good, look very slender.

Feet stepped on a pair of white boots, very capable, add a little handsome. A smooth and clean hair, very suitable for this kind of her face, is very remarkable young hair. Liyan Tong is playing against yen value, even under the high-definition camera, still can see her face and not a wrinkle, as full of vitality. And this is all grey color, looks very lining color, the skin white light. Liyan Tong is wearing a cotton padded jacket which is really very good, really want to estimate the fire, not only all-match but also don't pick the color, stylish and warm.

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