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Put it on, you become the goddess from the queen!

Release time:2018-12-20 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

[xerkngrothys] brand fly line rainbow pointed low shoe trends in Europe and America all-match leisure female

Woven pattern high-heeled shoes from the traditional hand weaving art, healthy retro theme, with comfortable, breathable soft texture of pure natural high quality mercerized cotton.

On the foot of beautiful, delicate, no grinding foot, special type Pedicure, become more beautiful ladies shoes, drop, perfect.

A delicate and elegant, temperament, dry air, Pedicure thin, and soft palm pad, soft and comfortable.

With a fine suede high-heeled shoes, design novel and unique fashion, exquisite pointed more slender legs. Beautiful custom adhere to the perfect only for their most beautiful details, and extraordinary achievements.

Mickey shoes Is a collection research and development, production and sales, has a complete and scientific quality management system of the new company , At the same time, we also have a homegrown source factory. Twenty-eight Years of experience in footwear! subsequently Two thousand and sixteen year Seven Month sales has got love consumers in China and America, and won the national patents. There's a XerkngRothys brand

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