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The quality of the feet in the light, autumn and winter shoes and boots look here!

Release time:2018-12-06 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

          Ladies and gentlemen, good duck! It's getting colder and colder recently. In the cold wind, I look at the girls who have shown their ankles trembling, looking at the cold and cold. In fact, this year you can be completely warm and fashionable duck, as long as these short boots are prepared, the temperament is you.



Short boots and short boots are the most difficult items in this autumn and winter. I have 123456 pairs in my wardrobe. It is fashionable and the key is especially warm.


The most able to modify the leg type is the pointed short boots, which can make your lower body look very delicate from the vision. Rain brother recommends small white boots, fashion and temperament, looking small and stylish.


Black is more resistant to dirty, you can make your whole wardrobe and be good at wearing high heels. You can choose high heels and short boots.



In addition to the sharp head, the square head boots are more neutral and handsome, suitable for cool girls.



A pair of broad leg pants has the shape and atmosphere.


The short boots, designed by the Lok Fu square, are back to the ancients, and are suitable for a number of tunes.


This year, the animal pattern is very hot, the large area of animal grain is not good to control, the short boots are friendly, and become the bright spot of the whole collocation.




Martin boots are the favorite shoes of the female artist. It is comfortable and warm, and it is very street punk. It is very charming to wear the cool taste of the cool girl in minutes.


Tang Yan, who has finished the wedding, loves to wear Martin boots and through the long legs.


Tian Jing, who is in love, can't pass Martin boots, and the jeans are cool and beautiful.


Wang Likun chooses the sharp Martin boots to be more sharp, with small black pants and his legs.


Martin boots for small girls can also sneak up in the increase. It's very good, with jeans, black pants, or skirt. Hin is fashionable.


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