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You are only a pair of shoes with the new fashion front

Release time:2018-09-25 From:Dongguan meiqi Shoes Co.,Ltd

The brand new XerkngRothys brand, which was born in China, inherited the powerful technology DNA of Silicon Valley from the bones. It perfectly interprets the seamless integration of fashion design and creative innovation, changing the traditional concept of women wearing shoes.

XerkngRothys hopes to become the “changer” of women's shoe cabinets. It is not only fashionable but also full of technological elements, so that the beauty lovers with XerkngRothys women's shoes are at the cutting edge of fashion technology. XerkngRothys women's shoes are made of recycled plastic bottles made of fiber through advanced environmental technology, using computer-calculated 3D seamless weaving technology and craftsmanship.

Advanced 3D weaving technology minimizes the waste of materials in the shoemaking process. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also makes the women's shoes soft and durable. The comfort and fit are just like wearing a pair of socks. From complex 3D knit uppers, to XerkngRothys logo embroidery, to comfortable detachable insoles, the XerkngRothys brand is a sophisticated, elegant and accessible fashion, whether you're working in the office, friends gathering, weekends Shopping, or on the road, there is a sense of luxury that you can experience every day.


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